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tv   Conservative...  CSPAN  March 16, 2013 5:10pm-5:45pm EDT

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did so well among young black males they want jobs and they don't want to compete against illegal aliens for jobs. [applause] blacks have been in this country longer than their roots in america go longer than most whites. owe them more than someone who just ran across the border. >> this is daniel rivera. i have a two-prong question for you. i have my mother's signed consentment, we can go on a date. much has been made of the epublican party need for a facelift. it is a little bit annoying.
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we have been doing horriblely with minorities and women. i'm wondering what your thoughts of the first part of the question and the second much has been made about the g.o.p. divided. u have speakers like marco rubio and ron paul. they have vastly different. i was wondering your thoughts on that too. >> first of all, this problem that the party of this is old white men our average age was about 15 years younger than at the democratic convention. [applause] i maybe exaggerating slightly but not by much. i get the feeling that republicans want to take us back, i look at the democratic national convention, it is jimmy
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carter, teddy kennedy. who is trying to bring you back here? as for the groups republicans don't do well with, i think -- well, we're doing well, with white women, with married women, single married. mitt romney did better with receiver single demographic than john mccain. more of them voted for mitt romney than voted for mccain. the only two groups that voted more for mccain than romney were asians and hispanics, the two largest immigrant groups this country has been taken in for the last 30 years. teddy kennedy specifically designed his immigration act of 1965 to change america temperature graphically without checking with the american people. it is impossible to immigrate
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here from europe. 80% of our immigrates come from the third world, 60% of them go on welfare, the higher percentage of native-born americans. we have a more dependent society. we have people who want welfare and we cannot get the votes of the dependent society without changing our policies. they are awful people, those democrats. every time -- [applause] every time a woman has a child out of wedlock, they think oh, great another temperaturic voter. every time a family gets divorced another democratic voter. every time someone goes on welfare, they think fantastic another democratic voter. we offer jobs and opportunities, and i hope we offer a change to our suicidal immigration
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policies. [applause] >> do you agree that here at cpac that there was not a conservative to beat it was a boston liberal to beat with mr. romney. i want to ask you, if you can clarify why it is important mr. bush not be our nominee and mr. chissty not be our nominee and mr. cruz the real conservatives that are throughout for us today? thank you. [applause] >> i would like to give you rule for choosing our next presidential nominee. i don't have a candidate yet but i have rules who should not be running. i made this mistake so i'm not blaming any of you. --ing includeded pat dukanen you can't run a congressman.
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i learned that. ou can't run a governor from a small state. people who have not won and won elections in a mid-size state. you're looking at governors and senators. let's see how they debate. look at their positions then. i could not get to sleep last night so instead of counting sheep i counted republican candidates. . we have a good list of them. we have the governor of nevada. he's pro-choice and maybe we can change him. i'm a single issue voter against amnesty. there is rick snyder of michigan. paul, the governor of maine. there is, sorry, chris christie of new jersey i will be against him unless he changes on am northwest city. here is rick scott of florida.
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in the senate, you have ron i say we d cruz and -- scott walker. you have your favorites out there. i should also tell you at this moment i have height requirements. so if you did not hear your favorite senator or governor put hem next to the clown at the rollercoaster. see if he hits the height requirement. i would not get to close to any one candidate. let's see how they do in a debate. let's see what their position is on amnesty.
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thank you. drive safely. [applause] ♪ >> what fun, i have to speak after ann coulter. i would like to introduce you to graham with the "oneamerica" news network for a special announcement. [applause] >> thanks. very tough acts to follow. the good news is i'm the last speaker before you find out who the straw poll winner is. that's it. [applause] like fruit of the loom i will be brief. [laughter]
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what do you want from a boy who was born and raised in san francisco? f you happen to know about wealth television you might one of the 15,000 televisions and i'm a member of the dreaded liberal media. however, i am conservative. [applause] i have a couple questions for you. do you approve of a mainstream liberal media that covers for the mistakes of this president? do you approve of a liberal mainstream media that cone cover fast and furious? do you approve of the mainstream media that can't do the math about the sequester that it is a 1% cut and the sky
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did not fall? do you agree that the smallest problem about the klt but won't report that the catholic church history?ggest giver in do you approve of liberal media that distorts and lies about the record of ronald reagan? i'm as frust rated as you but i have a solution. yes, there is a solution. it is oneamerica. oneamerica news network and it is debuting on july 4, 2013. this is going to be your network. thegreat post election that republican party has been doing is completely not needed. conservativism is a winning message. always has been, always will be. but the liberal shameless
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liberal media blocks it. i don't know if ronald reagan could get elected today. the solution is simple. to quote animal house "don't get mad, we're going to get even." oneamerica is going to be your source for national and international news as well as entertaining talk and insights from conservative constitutional perspectives. it is going to be your network. and yes, the tea party is welcome with open arms. [applause] however, the solution oneamerica needs your help. you can call your cable systems, like comcast, cox, time warner, and they are going to resist putting on a conservative news network. so you have to go over their heads, just like ron led reagan did.
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through your grass roots organizations you need to reach out to your representatives on a tate and local level and put pressure on them to put pressure on these 800-pound gorillas like comcast. we also need your help in another regard. we want to know about you. we want you to tell us about your and your organizations in all 50 states. or is it 57 states, i can't remember. we want to be your network pell tell us about you and your organization and we're going to try our best to get you on. i don't know if you heard but we're teaming with "the washington times." [applause] so we're going to have a wonderful relationship both written and electronic. we as conservatives have a winning message, we just need to get it out there. our pledge to you, whether it is marco rubio or rand paul or
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from thein or ted cruz great state of texas. we will not block their conservative message. we will be their platform for the message. [applause] so if you would, in conclusion, begin lobbying today for oneamerica so the conservative message will continue to resonate tomorrow. at glimmer just might return to that shining city on the hill. god bless you and thank you. [applause] >> ok, ladies and gentlemen, two present the "the washington times" straw poll results welcome to the stage, larry, president of the "the washington
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irman." and i.c.u. cha [applause] ♪ >> this is a long awaited moment. tradition a straw poll every year. when i first got started in the ronald reagan days, we use to campaign in the spring, take a break in the summer then after labor day run for office. that is not the case anymore. it sounds like this thing is up and running for 2014. so following the coverage of the media, we went throughout and did our straw poll like we do every year. last year's straw poll we decided that some folks were
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questioning it. it has never been scientific but it is pretty cool. we decided to do a national poll alongside of it. when the results of the straw poll and the national poll came finnersd, the top three were identical. let me introduce to you someone who represents an organization who contributes to the movement and i'm referring to "the washington time." give a warm welcome to the president larry beesly. larry in --? >> it's an honor to be with you. we're delighted to be a partner with cpac and oneamerica network. we want to know who is ready to hear the results of the straw poll? i know i am.
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on behalf of all of us at "the washington times" congratulations on a wonderful conference this year. we're glad to be a sponsor of cpac's 2013 straw poll. ok for us at this is where you can get all the conservative news. cpac has stood together with "the washington times" in the cause of liberty. i can assure you we will be here as true partner for the conservative media. [applause] these are exciting times at "the washington times," while other news organization are cutting back, we're cutting a new emplate. the poll is our 31-year legacy to tell the other side of the story. the side that mainstream media
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doesn't tell you or chooses not to. and to do so with respect to our shared principles, freedom, family, faith, and service i think it sounds better with a little southern accent, don't you? above all today, want you to remember "the washington times" is committed being your news organization with american values. we at "the washington times," want to say thank you. we're grateful for you dedicated readership and joining us here as we continue to be america's conservativism newspapers. we're entering into our 31st year. now, ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for the results of the straw poll? [applause] thank you very much. >> thank you, larry. thanks to "the washington times"
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sponsoring this and thank you for allowing us to conduct the straw poll. the first straw poll i did in 1986 for cpac. i remember the results only caused a fist fight because they were wondering if they were counted correctly. we have come a long way since then and now, when we do the balloting, as you know, we do it online electronically. we're able to accommodate more voters than we did in the past. in fact, this year we participants ,930 in the poll this year. it represented people from all puerto rico. the polling places were closed
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at 1:00 today but there were people standing in line so we accepted them voting past 1:30 this afternoon. all of you who participated give yourself a hand because if you participated this makes it so good. [applause] as you can see, on the slide that is up there now, the growth in the number of participants in cpac straw polls have been significant over the past several years. this year wasn't as great as previous years, it is not as surprising. when you see the results and how many people were cited in the president's straw poll results, it i peers that the conservative movement has not come to consensus to who the candidate will be. we nearly had almost 3,000 participants this year. in the years past the time of
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participants we had are usually students and individuals. it is 50/50 between student eens individuals. when we look at it by age and this -- cpac -- [applause] i can tell you the first straw poll i did it was not r52% between the ages of 18-25. that is a huge, huge accomplishment on the part of cpac to bring so many young people out and into the process of par tis painting in an event like this. we have a little bit of a gender gap. as we say in the polling business, however, this has always been traditionally that cpac always has more male participants than female
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participants. it looks skewed but it is not that different than it has been in previous years. having said that, let's get to some of the questions. one of the questions we asked you want government out of your life. you want to promote traditional values. you want to protect the homelands and a sean national defense. seventhan see, for the -- you want to protect the homeland and asia strong national defense. the majority are in favor of limited government and fewer taxes. [applause] thesked if you approved of job the president is doing. and whether or not you approve of the job republicans in congress are doing. last year, president obama had a
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slight bump in his popularity among this group. this year, the numbers have gone back to where they belong. i still want to meet the 2% who said they approve of us -- approve of his job. last year, the republicans in congress for a 50-50 split. the truth of the matter is that this group or this audience is not convinced the republicans in congress are doing the job they need to do. for the congressional leaders, they need to pay attention to that. then we asked some questions about the budget and how we should fix the budget mess. shock and surprise, we should accomplish it by spending cuts. surprisingly, 16% said we should raise taxes and cut spending. obviously, they did not hear
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coulter -- ann coulter's speech about what happened last time we agree to spending cuts. he thought we should do targeted cuts and not across the board cuts. you do not want to see defense cuts or military cuts across the board like everything else. now we get to a couple more controversial questions. what do you think the u.s. role should be in the world today. as you can see, half of you think we should take a step back and let our allies around the and for themselves. a little more than 1/3 of us still favor a more muscular where the u.s.
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helps provide defense for its allies. almost one out of five are on the fence on this issue. this issue is going to play itself out over the next several years inside the party and inside the movement. something that one of the speakers made him so famous on is the use of drones. the federal government using drones. overwhelmingly, you oppose using combat andtarget non- who are u.s. citizens to either kill them or to survey them. [applause] now we come to the numbers you have all been waiting for. before i go to the next slide, i have got to build the suspense and tell you a couple of things.
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candidates listed on the survey. 23. we gave people the option to write in people. another as 44in people. when i tell you dwight eisenhower receives and vote -- a vote, i am not lying. so did richard nixon. whoever wrote to them in, they are not coming back and they are not running. the right hands went everywhere from allen west to condoleezza rice to judge andrew napolitano. of those rights in this, none of the right sense received more than 1%. while there were a whole lot of right hands and we had 67 candidates that actually receives votes, this is the largest group of candidates i have ever seen in a cpac straw poll.
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i can tell you, when i turned the next slide, abc, cbs, cnn are not going to be happy because their favorite candidate did not come in first. but your favorite candidate came in first. [cheers and applause] first with 25%, senator rand paul. behind him, right on his heels, literally -- virtually tied, florida senator marco rubio. [cheers and applause] rickyou have senator chris christie at 7% and so on from there. the 14% other were the individuals written in.
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that is what they equaled. thank you. year, thank you all. ladies and gentlemen, remain in your seats. we have our keynote speaker coming up. i know you are all here to listen to him. thank you again for listening to our straw poll. they are a lot of fun. thanks. ♪ >> as a bible toting -- as a bible something, gun-toting, constitution loving wacko bird
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is the funire, as part. i have a piece of the advice that i heard. you cannot control what other people say. you can only control how you respond. that came from the honorable ted cruz. [applause] in 2012 ass elected the 34th u.s. senator from texas. victory inecisive the republican primary and the general election. prior to being elected to the senate, he served as the solicitor general of texas. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the cpac 2013 closing speaker, senator ted cruz. [cheers and applause] ♪
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very much.u so very, it is great to be in a roomful of patriots. we are here in washington at a moment of time. i mean, of course, the sequester. in honor of the sequester, for each of you who went to dinner tonight, your meals were reduced by 2.4%.
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i can see the looks of hunger and famine in your eyes. i do not know how you are onsibly still able to stand 98.6% of your dinner. i will always be haunted by the gingrich'sht of newt macy is face. in lesike ann hathaway miserables. other than sequestration, not much is happening in washington. eminence free day in the republican party where rand paul and me were described as wacko birds. when we first heard that, we thought it was a new kind of drone.
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if standing for liberty and standing for the constitution makes you an wacko bird, then tell to me a proud wacko bird. [cheers and applause] and i think there are more than a few other wacko birds gathered here today. if, theng to tell you biggest surprise since coming to washington -- people ask you what surprised you when you came to washington. the biggest surprise has been the defeatist attitude among so many republicans who have been in washington along time. i cannot tell you how many times people have wanted to that me on the head and say, that is nice. you can vote no and we will just
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louis. it is utterly maddening. i will -- you can voting no and we will just lose. it is utterly maddening. i will tell you something the media does not know. for the past three weeks, conservatives have been winning. we are winning because of you. three specific examples in the last three weeks. a couple of weeks ago, i was honored to join my friend, rand paul, as he stood for 13 hours on the floor of the senate. [cheers and applause] when he started at 11:47 in the morning, there were more than a few senators, republican senators, who saw what he was uotic -- odd or even q
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quixotic. he said we are going to stand for the constitution. we are going to stand until this administration ethnologist limits on its power. -- until this administration acknowledges limits on its power. attorney general eric holder testified at a judiciary hearing. i asked him the question. is it constitutional for the united states government to kill a u.s. citizen on u.s. soil if that individual does not pose an imminent threat. be answer was, it would not appropriate. my response was, i am not asking for your opinion on propriety.
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you are the chief legal adviser for the united states of america. does the department of justice have an opinion on whether the department of justice can kill u.s. citizens on u.s. soil. three times he responded, it would not be appropriate. did notlmost as if he understand the question. maybe that says something about how the left sees constitutionality. in their minds, appropriately and constitutional are one in the same. he really expressed frustration. i told you we are not going to do it. don't you trust me? and the answer is exactly that. no, we do not trust you. and we do not trust the next guy or the next guy or the next guy whether he is a democrat or republican. [applause]
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james madison observed in the federalist papers that if men were angels, no government would be necessary. there are not a whole lot of angels in washington. thomas jefferson explains, the entire purpose of the constitution is to bind the mischief of government. when rand stood there alone, something incredible began to happen. mike lee and i came early on to support him. then another senator and then another senator. we saw onet drew on, after another. we saw 20 house members show up on the floor of the senate.


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